Why Money is in the List Building?

Do you want to learn why it is said that Money is in the List Building

then you will get all of your answers in this Video.

Why Money is in the List, here I will tell you 9 Important reasons for List Building

1. Email Marketing gives you 40 Times Return on Investment, if you put $ 1 in Email Marketing, you can expect $ 40 Over a period of time. It is better then any other form of Digital Marketing Media channel.

2. Email Marketing gives you option to Build Life Long relationship with your customers, as if you nurture your relationship with email subscribers, then they can become your life long fans, customers, if you provide them value to remain in the list.

3. Email Marketing helps you in upselling and cross-selling not only one but multiple products across the life time of your customers, and it can be done with the help of basic and advance behavior based automations.

4. Email Marketing helps you in getting best Return on Ads Spend -ROAS, as you get customers email address for lifetime. you don't need to invest in ads again and again to bring people to your offers.

5. Email Marketing helps you in getting instant traffic to your new blogs, websites, offers and helps you in making money, and if you segment on the basis of their interests, you can showcase then customized offers.

6. Email Marketing helps you in building a Long Term Digital Assets, as Facebook, Youtube, Google might ban your other digital assets like Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Youtube Channels, Ads account, But nobody can take away your email list from you. So it is acting as a Long Term Digital Asset in your business on which you can rely for long term.

7. Email Marketing helps you in differentiate between serious and non serious buyers, as you can segment and track multiple things like Open rate, click rate, conversions from emails, so you can literally segment people based on their behavior and send them customized offers or remove if someone is not interested in your offerings at all.

8. Email Marketing helps you in Automations, you can nurture your customers list on automations and even sell people by advance email automations. So you can make money literally even when you sleep.

9. Email Marketing is a Permission based Marketing, as people have give you permission to market them, so biggest benefit is that your emails lands in the Inbox or Primary folders of customers and not in spam folder.

I hope you got clear understanding about email marketing and why it is said that Money is in the List.

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