How To Get Clients For Digital Marketing In 2021?

Are you Facing Challenges in getting clients for your Business or in Digital Marketing?

Then here is a Video in which I am giving you 17 Secret Strategy, through which you can use to get new clients.

Here I am giving you 17 Tips to get High Paying Clients as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing

1. Register for Website like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer. Create your Free account and start with your First Gig

2. Use Linked In to make B2B (Business to Business) Relationship with Business owners or Decision maker in your industry.

3. Join Facebook Groups, Linked In Groups, Whatsapp, Telegram groups those have your Targeted audience. Drive traffic or people into your own Digital Assets, 

4. Build your Digital Assets for Long term success like your own Website, Facebook Page or Groups, Linked In Profile, Youtube Channels, Email Lists etc. Build your own profile and brand gradually.

5. Go to and either join other people's meetups on a daily or weekly basis or create your own meetups, Because your Network is your net worth, so create your Own net worth.

6. Find the advertisers that are advertising in local newspaper, magazines, boards and local events. Make them understand the power of online media.

7. Ask for referrals from the existing clients, as referrals better then any other source of leads source.

8. Reach out to the competitors of existing clients

9. Follow with someone who are giving Coaching for Business Owners and target their audience on Youtube comments, live events or run paid ads on their Youtube Channel.

10. Join a Co-working Space nearby where you will get a lot of start ups founder who might be in interested in your product or services.

11. Find out the Businesses that you want to work with, go to their website, connect with the decision makers, send your proposal via videos, email, whatsapp and ask for meeting and tell them how you can add value and solve their biggest burning problems with your product or services.

 12. Make a Strong Lead Magnet with pain points of your targeted customers, for example " Top 10 Ways to Grow your Online Businesses - FREE PDF or WEBINAR" and run a Facebook ads with targeting CEO, Founder, Business Owner etc.

13. Make a database of Business Owner - National & International and communicate with them cold emails or  or Whatsapp campaigns, and let them know how you can add value in their specific businesses.

14. Partnership with Digital Marketing Agency in your local area, and collaborate with them on commission sharing basis.  If there is any client to who they don't want to work with, they can refer you,  it can be a Golden opportunity for you.

15. Interview with an Influencer or industry leader in your industry and promote to their audience, this way people who know them, but don't know you  will be able to know about you, your product or services.

16. Write a Book in your Topic of Specialization and use it a tool to create an authority, colloborations, leads generations and a tripwire or low cost product in your business or funnel.

17. Public Speaking - If you are a good speaker then you can  contact to  Youtube Channel like Josh Talk, Big Youtube Channel in your niche and create your own Brand awareness through which you can get leads, customers and sales.  

I hope you got clear understanding about how to get clients as a Freelancer or Digital Marketing Agency.

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About the Author Gaurav Bhardwaj

He has Over 7+ Years of Experience in Fields like Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Training, Consultancy, Education, Real Estate, Insurance, Online Trading etc Worked with Reputed Brands like Amazon, Religare, Acme Wealth, RE/MAX, Birla Sun Life, Realatix Consulting, ICICI, PR Consulting, ICFAI etc. Google Certified Professional With All the 7 Certificates and An Amazon-Trained E-Commerce Specialist Worked with 50+ Brands Offering Digital Marketing Services and Consultancy