Top 5 eCommerce Trends 2017

eCommerce is growing quickly as is the opposition. On the off chance that you need to remain in front of your rivals, you have to take after the most recent eCommerce patterns for ideal results. Regardless of if your business is little or huge, ensure you set up a winning eCommerce marketing methodology to remain above water in the merciless rivalry. This includes engaging with new clients and additionally retaining the old ones and expanding your business in all directions.

As we close the primary quarter of 2017, it’s the correct time to investigate and investigate the freshest eCommerce patterns that are emerging this year. A concise listing of such patterns is point by point underneath, with an intent to enable eCommerce to site proprietors to remain on the top and produce quality leads for their business.

  1. Multiple Options in Payment and Shipping

Ensure you increase the installment choices in your E-store on the off chance that you need to boost your deals in 2017. When you enable your clients to make installments (for the items and administrations they purchase from your site) through different installment alternatives, it encourages you to create leads in mass.

Aside from this, you additionally need to enhance your shipping features in light of the fact that online customers anticipate that their bought things will be conveyed at the earliest opportunity. In the event that you have the fundamental course of action and assets to dispatch the items to your clients within 24 hours (once the request is put), you will have the capacity to boost your E-business as it were.

2. OTT players to re-define the existing media mix

With each passing year, we are writing lesser and lesser content! What’s more, prior this year, when one Facebook official said that Facebook will be all video in next 5 years, it seemed well and good. It was at that point getting more than 8 billion video sees each day before the finish of 2015 (internationally) and with Facebook Live they have officially taken it up a score with individuals spending 3X additional time watching the live recordings versus others.

In India, the gigantic achievement of Hotstar that hit 100 million in viewership this year and furthermore won Apple TV’s application of the year in India, prompt the approach of various OTT players like Voot, TVF Play, Spuul, Ditto TV, Yupp TV and so on. The international players were not long ways behind. The year started with the entry of Netflix in India and is ending with the dispatch of Amazon Prime Video. I figure in the event that somebody had questioned whether OTT would be the following huge thing in India, the appropriate response is uproarious and clear for them!

3. Mobile shopping is skyrocketing

As mobile Internet users have crossed desktop searches, it is vital for E-retailers to guarantee that their web page is completely responsive with the goal that it can work easily on various gadgets and screen sizes. It is evaluated that cell phones and other new-age mobile gadgets will be the real wellspring of traffic (up to 60%) for eCommerce website before the finish of 2017.

Key points to note:

  • Creating a mobile responsive site won’t be sufficient. In the event that you need to boost your deals and increase change rate, at that point you have to integrate mobile wallet usefulness into your store – this will make it simple for your potential clients to make the installments against their online buy through their cell phone on the fly using a mobile wallet.
  • Make a mobile use of your eCommerce website to drive an expansive number of online customers who utilize mobile applications for online shopping. The greater part of the enormous brands like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and so forth have their own particular mobile based applications that have contributed a decent offer of incomes.

4. Regulators will decide the way forward

2016 likewise observed increasing involvement of Government and its different administrative experts in the online business segment. Regardless of whether it was commercial centers, e-wallets or insurance players, the influence was very obvious and directed the financial matters of business models. The incumbent players needed to change their strategies according to the new arrangements and adjust rapidly.

Among every one of the declarations, the most discussed were the new approach by DIPP in March impacting players like Flipkart and Amazon. It plainly outlines how an unadulterated online commercial center is supposed to act. It should work by matching interest and supply amongst purchasers and merchants who transact on a stage. It makes an incentive by bridging the hole in the market and prevails by achieving the scale that kicks in the ‘system impact’. The commercial center is not supposed to control the costs or twist the request side.

While the new directions could have come as an amazement for a few players, I trust the intent has dependably been great. DIPP’s intent was to even the odds between offline retail and online retail, IRDA’s exertion was to bring the cost of transactions bring down and in the installments space, safeguarding the client was given the most extreme significance.

We without a doubt saw numerous different patterns like the surge in senior level ways out, shutdowns in food tech space, more up to date classifications coming online, Jim’s dispatch and so forth. Yet, these were my main 5 inclines that will without a doubt impact us in 2017.

5. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now reaching a level where it is useful to many people’s daily lives. The rise of digital assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa (on the Echo), Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant (housed in Google Home) have got people used to talking to machines.

This will impact E-commerce as the beginning stage of the research process may be increasingly conducted by chatting to a personal assistant. Different assistants will respond in different ways: Echo will default to Amazon product pages and reviews, while Google Home will list the top result of the search page.

Ecommerce brands will need to keep an eye on how these developments change the buyer journey and adapt before the trickle of users becomes a flood.

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