Definitive Guide to Successfull Email Marketing by Arun Rohal

article-1 Definitive Guide to Successfull Email Marketing by Arun Rohal
Email Marketing benefits
Buyers today are more empowered. Information is abundantly, overwhelmingly available, and buyers are using that easy access to tune out unwanted marketing messages while simultaneously seizing control of their buying processes.
As a marketing executive or to promote your brand you no longer need to go door-to-door to tell about your product. Inbox today is that personal space of a user where you can get his attention only when he wants to give you attention.
article-2 Definitive Guide to Successfull Email Marketing by Arun Rohal
How to do it correctly?
Thousands of email are invading itno user’s inbox daily, many reaches into Spam box and those who manage to reach inbox might end up being categorized as Promotion!
1. Personalize your email
When we say personalized email marketing, we don’t mean that you send an individual email to every single subscriber. Personalization means that you use customer data to create a personalized message.
70% of brands do not use personalization within their email marketing strategy.This means that by personalizing your emails, you stand out against the competition.
The simplest form of personalization is to address the reader by name. Most email service providers (ESP) offer this within their functionality and this tactic alone will improve your campaign performance.
2. Segment your subscribers
The best way to get small business owners to turn up to your event would be to create a segment of people who list themselves as a small business owner that lives within 20 miles of your event and then send them an invite by email.
How annoying is it to receive an email that invites you to an event that is located on other side of the world?Before you start segmenting your database, let’s take a look at how valuable it can be.
A study by HubSpot found that all key email marketing KPIs perform better when you segment your email list.
article-3 Definitive Guide to Successfull Email Marketing by Arun Rohal
3. Send mobile friendly emails
Well, by now you must have understood why your emails must be mobile friendly. In 2012, 27% of all emails were opened on mobile device. Now, it’s as high as 60%. Probably you must be reading this article on a mobile device.
4. Automate email campaigns when possible
Yes, it exist! Trigger-based emails are emails that are sent out automatically based on user behavior.
The most common forms of trigger emails are ‘welcome’ emails, ‘thank you’ emails and ‘transactional’ emails, such as order confirmation email and email receipts.The data behind trigger emails shows us that trigger emails perform much better than traditional email.
A series of emails can be generated beginning from introduction to actually selling the product.You have to follow the expectations you set. If you promised to send one email per week, do not send every day — you’re setting yourself up for failure. On the contrary, if a subscriber is expecting daily updates and you don’t deliver them, then they are likely to be upset in that case too.It’s basically delivering the right content to right person at right time.
5. Track you Emails
Sending emails does not mean that your job is done. Track your emails and clients regularly to get a daily update about your progress. Maintain the quality and efficiency of your email. Do not include irrelevant content in your emails.

Email Marketing ESSENTIALS!

1. Permission
You can’t email anyone without the permission. No email marketing campaign can be built without getting permission to email the recipients.
Build a subscribers list with which you can send emails with permissions and you won’t be disturbing anyone that is fore sure. Include Subscribing and Unsubscribing option in your welcome or trailing emails. Once you have the permission of the user then you have all the rights to present yourself in his inbox.
Try using unique and different titles to get subscribers. You can use lines like ‘Be updated with all the latest trending news’ or ‘Buy the product when it is the cheapest’
2. Get contacts
Be in touch with as many people as you can. Use all the resources you can. However,do not be an early bird to send your email. Try to avoid sending the emails on the business email id, which you just received after meeting someone in the conference. Always try your best to email on the personal email address rather than combined with what they want to buy!
3. Use Technology
There are many free and paid services which you can use to send and track your email marketing progress. Some of them are listed below,
A. Option Monster
OptinMonster helps you create smarter optin forms and A/B test them without hiring a developer. You can quickly and easily create create dynamic, targeted, and personalized optin forms that can be embedded on your site anywhere you want.
B. AWeber
AWeber is another popular email marketing service that offers a wide-range of tools such as autoresponders, segments, an email builder, and more. They provide great customer support, and you can send highly targeted emails using Aweber Lists + OptinMonster.
C. ActiveCampaign
ActiveCampaign is an email marketing software oriented more towards marketing automation. Based on the actions and behavior of your subscribers, you can add tags on their profile that will reveal more about them using ActiveCampaign Lead Tags + OptinMonster
4. Keep Your List Fresh
It’s important to email your subscribers on a consistent basis, so your list doesn’t go stale. That being said, over time, email subscribers can still go stale.Some people may have changed email accounts, or maybe they just aren’t interested in your brand anymore.
So to keep your list fresh and filled with engaged subscribers, it’s a good idea to periodically remove inactive subscribers. An inactive subscriber could be anyone who has not engaged with any email in the past 6 months or more.
5. Make Your Subject Line Stand Out
When it comes to email open rates, your subject lines are everything. Your job is to make your subject lines stand out.
6. Keep it personal and friendly
When you draft your subject line and message content, it’s natural to think of the thousands of people who are about to receive it.However, it’s far more effective to write as if speaking to an individual person, with a personal subject line and a personalized message.
When writing your emails, you’ll need to put your corporate hat to the side, and write like a friend. This is the only way to really appeal to your subscribers and get them to open your emails.For example, a corporate phrase like, “We’re offering savings to our customers!” comes off as distant and stuffy.

Don’t stress out, it’s simple and fun. Best of luck for your first email marketing or maybe for your future emails.
See you Again!

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