Affiliate Marketing

How to make Money Online by Working Either as a Part/Full-Time Freelancer

Affiliate Marketing is a Performance Based Marketing in which Big Business get traffic and conversions from the help of  affiliate and affiliate agency and share some profits to Affiliate and Agency

  • Understand Affiliate Marketing

  • How Business can use affiliate marketing to generate sales and revenue.

  • How Individual can generate Commission using

    affiliate marketing

  • How Industry Experts do Affiliate Marketing

  • Different Type of Methods and platforms available for affiliate marketing

  • Getting you approved from International Affiliate agency

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Advanced Digital Marketing Course


Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers

(Become a Google and Facebook Certified Professional)

What is it ?

An all in one advanced Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners, Working Professionals, and Job-Seekers crafted intelligently  covering 16 Modules of Digital Marketing, wherein you learn from Industry Leaders how to do marketing online, bring targetted traffic to your websites and increase brand awareness by using various online tools & platforms available such as Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Email Marketing,  Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing and More…..

How to reach out to potential customers using various software and technique available in the industry that is currently used by big brands

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Hemant Negi, Senior Digital Marketing Trainer, DMPI

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Avdhesh Mishra, Digital Marketing Trainer, DMPI

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