About Training



  • What is Unique Selling Proposition about DMPI courses?


These courses are designed, reviewed and delivered especially by industry experts providing you with real life situations and live capstone projects to work upon.



  • What are the courses being offered?


We provide the most comprehensive, Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program


  • For how long is the enrollment valid?


The enrollment is valid for six months.


  • How are these courses made?


The certificate courses here are made and reviewed by Industry experts to provide you core knowledge of internet marketing rather digital marketing for you excel in your field of work. The programs include all the components of digital marketing.


  • Do I get any practical training as well?


Yes, the training that you would undergo includes proper practical sessions. You get to work on a live project during the training to have your hands on it before you start it at your work. Practical sessions help you understand the things in a much better way and help you build your expertise in the functional area.


  • Do you have interactive videos or satellite classes?


No, we provide a hands-on training.



  • Is there any exam that we need to give to get the certification?

No, there is no any exam as such.


  • Is the certification recognized all over India in any industry?


Yes, the certification is recognized all over India in any industry


  • Does the certification have any affiliations with any University?


No, the certification doesn’t have any affiliations from any university. DMPI is new and hasn’t established any relationship with any institute. We have developed a good reputation in the industry and DMPI is one of the leading institutes providing digital marketing training in Delhi/NCR. The certificate courses have been reviewed by experienced industry professionals to ensure that our courses are highly relevant and employability enhancing.