6 of the best instagram apps to take your content to the next level

1. Layout

One of the best website for collages and mixes. It helps in appreciating the beauty of having lots of photos on a single canvas. It also has many different templates which will allow you to create your own collages and add a personal touch to them
You can combine up to nine photos at a time to make one image, which you can preview before posting to Instagram.
This is a great app for those looking to:
•Show before and after content (such as for interior design firms, cleaning products, hairdressers, big hotel renovations, etc.)
•Showcase their best user generated content
•Highlight behind-the-scenes shots of employees and offices
•Show off a sequence of new product releases

2. Hootsuite Enhance

Reports have shown that editing your Instagram photos with filters, beauty modes etc. allows for your photos to be viewed by 21% more people. Which in turn will allow you get more traffic and is able to increase the overall traffic by 45%.

Hootsuite Enhance makes it easy to:
•Crop and size photos for each social network
•Edit with filters, borders, stickers, and overlays
•Source images from the stock photo database
•Share straight to the social network of your choice (or schedule through Hootsuite to share later)

3. Have2Have.It

Soldsie’s Have2Have.it bridges the gap between buyers and sellers on Instagram.

This mobile app is strictly for business. It helps in bridging the gap between the buyer as well as the seller. Not only does the following app provides with method to increase you business prospectus ,it algorithm also function to consistently land you better business related leads.
•Drives followers directly to your e-commerce website
•Guides customers to complete their purchase
•Lets audience members discover more products

You can try Have2Have.It free for 30 days through their site.
4. Boomerang

It one of the best tool win which you are able to create new video content with just one click. It a really sweet app that not only allows you to shoot engaging videos, but also has some great effects and filters.
You can share your Boomerang right from the app, or save it to your camera roll to share another time. Boomerang gives marketers the opportunity to delight their audiences with a fun visual that deviates from a regular Instagram photo.

You can either use the standalone Boomerang app, or take a Boomerang from within the Instagram app.
5. Hyperlapse
Another great app for Instagram. Hyperlapse in a time lapsing that allows for great time lapsing effect. It can show your development cycle of the business and the growth that you have achieved so far in the company

Use Hyperlapse to:
•Go behind the scenes: Show the human side of your business with impromptu videos of what the gang is up to.
•Show your product in action: Share the use case for the products or services you’re selling in relatable, everyday ways.
•Share another perspective: Surprise your customers with unexpected ways they can use your products or services.
6. Microsoft Selfie

Hence in the end is Microsoft Selfie. It allows for the quick editing of your previously shot photos and videos. Not only is it great way to add last minutes effects and filters, but it can also be used to communicate a message to your associates using its in built comment server.

•Intelligent photo enhancement, where the app “intelligently considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables—all with one click”
•Noise reduction, where the app “automatically enables “Denoise” mode, and effectively reduces noise by using burst shots”
•Auto Exposure, where Microsoft Selfie “applies automatic exposure correction and photo clarifying, especially for backlit photos”

Instead of having to manually edit each aspect of a photo—such as brightness, contrast, structure, or clarity—you can save time with Microsoft Selfie’s intelligent photo boosting features.

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