6 creative ideas for marketing on whatsapp

1.Capitalize on the Cross-Platform Advantage
When an app is cross platform that means that it is in partnership with other companies to have a large amount of presence known that you posted a message and hence is not only able to reach your one social media contact but also contacts from Facebook, Instagram etc. Only those apps which have partnered with each other to join as a collaborate front are included in this software. WhatsApp is one of the most used social media tool today, not only does it allow for custom messaging but with the creation of groups you are able all those people which might be interested in you product and message them at one go.

2.Create Broadcast Lists
Create list which might be of interest to your audience, not only will this allow them to know your objectives goals etc., but by creating list you are able to get your point across without using too many words. Remember social media is all about using less words as possible to communicate effectively.

3.Taking Advantage of Group Chat
Group chat as already mentioned above is an excellent feature for communication with a large number of interested parties at once. Not only does this not waste your time in writing a message to each individual at once but it also allows the group member to share their excitement and generate a hype for the product. However it is essential that you remember several points while you are working on a grouping platform on WhatApp.
Never include your senior members on these groups
Never try to create a group with your partners involved, they all should be explained about the development separately
Never try to message on a group and then point to a specific person. Private messages can be used for one on one messaging.

4.Enjoy Cost-Free Messaging
The most important thing about the WhatApp messaging service is that it only requires an active internet connection. Gone are those days where basic messaging was paid these days messaging is free and only consumes your data. With the release of Jio, the rate of internet all across the board have fallen which is very beneficial for us as the end user.
It’s available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. They can all message each other because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing.

5.Take Customer Support to a New Level
WhatsApp is a great device for customer service because it not only allows for quick feedback and response times but you can actually tell whether your message have been received by the customer service or not. E-Mails on the other hand are not that reliable because first of all there is always the doubt whether your email has reached the right authorities or not, Also communication via email is tiresome, not only is it slow but you also don’t know whether the e-mail has not automatically be teleported to the services spam box.

6.Make Creative Offers and Promotions
WhatsApp is another medium through which you can easily make promotion offers and also other creative offers. Not only does WhatsApp allow you the creativity of posting videos, GIFS, photos and other media which was very difficult to do in the SMMS era but it also in very fast in the encoding and decoding process and also encrypts these messages for you contents safety.

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