24 Random Stats and Facts about Google AdWords

  1. No less than 96.5% of Google’s aggregate revenue originates from Advertising,
  2. For high business expectation search inquiries, the main three Ad spots take around 40% of the snaps on the page.
  3. Google will make $44 billion in Ad income this year by owning 31.45 percent of the worldwide Digital advertisement market, 20-something focuses in front of the runner-up, Facebook.
  4. A year ago, almost $9 billion of its advertisement income originated from Mobile. That number is relied upon to increment with Mobile appropriation.
  5. The finance and insurance industry burned through $4 billion on AdWords in 2011.
  6. Online marketing, including PPC advertisements, is 54% fruitful at producing leads.
  7. Google show campaign achieves 80% of worldwide web users.
  8. AdWords conversion rate is at 5%.
  9. The average click-through rate of an advertisement on the Google Display Network is 0.4% — four times as high as the normal pennant Ad in the US and very nearly ten times as high as a Facebook advertisement.
  10. Adwords click through rate (CTR) is at 7.5%.
  11. Mobile phone postings work: 70% of Mobile searchers call a business specifically from Google Search.
  12. Google claims the world’s biggest online show Advertising system, with properties including YouTube, Gmail, and Blogger.
  13. Google extends that 90 percent of its income this year will originate from advanced advertising. Around 20 percent of that profit are from the Google Display Network.
  14. There are no less than 300,000 Mobile applications as of now serving Google Mobile Ads.
  15. The quantity of sites that are a piece of the Google Ad Display Network: Over 1 million.
  16. 89% of the traffic created via search Ads is not supplanted by natural clicks when advertisements are stopped.
  17. Google was launched in 2000, with evaluating in view of a level CPM (cost per impression model). It was re-launched under an auction model in 2002.
  18. A YouTube homepage Ad costs, on average, $400,000.
  19. 33% of all Google search clicks are created through Mobile.
  20. AdWords permits you a 25 character title and a 35 character content line, advancing your administration or product.
  21. Google controls 67.6 percent of the US web search engine market, well in front of the silver medalist, Bing, which has under 20 percent.
  22. Chrome simply broke 20 percent of the browser advertise, placing it in second place, yet at the same time well behind Internet Explorer.
  23. Google Analytics is utilized by somewhere close to 10 million and 25 million sites worldwide and different reviews recommend more than 50 percent of business sites (both extensive and little) utilize Google Analytics.
  24. Consumers exposed to display ads are, on average, 155% more likely to search for the brand- and segment-specific terms. (Specific Media).

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