10 online reputation management commandments

What is online reputation, why is it important, if you haven’t thought about these things maybe you should start taking these topics a bit more seriously. Online Reputation is critical to make you understand your customers that you trustworthy, reliable and more importantly it gets in you the business.
These tips should be taken seriously and watch as your reputation and in proportion your business goes through the roof.
1. Become well respected
Trust is one of the most important word in the English dictionary. Not only does trust allow you to expand your business but also ensures that those who you have been in business previously return to you and only you if they ever require services you provide in the future.
2. be radically transparent
Don’t try to hide your mistakes, if you do that there is always the chance you may get caught, which in the end will reflect on your business. Always try to take initiatives to make your business better and safer in terms of health and safety regulations.
3. Monitor what they are saying about you
Always monitor what the word on the street is. How are your competition tasking you, what are yours consumers general view point about you. Do not try to influence these thoughts but instead try to get them in positive mode if you can.
4. React quickly and politely
Always be active in letting your customer know that you have registered their grievances and are taking the necessary action in making sure that these problems are solved as swiftly as possible.
5. Address criticism
Always address whether if you are wrong about a given topic. It helps your consumer see you more in as much as human light as possible.

6. Treat your Google page 1 as your business card
Most of the times first impression is usually the last one. Hence always make sure that your Google, Facebook, twitter page are clean and precise and they do not hold any content which might damage your reputation.
7. Understand your detractors
Criticism can be the chance to learn more about your audience and craft a better message in the future. Motrin’s controversial “baby wearing moms” commercial sparked a lot of criticism. It did not come from competitors or illegitimate attackers, but from people in Motrin’s target audience who felt offended by their promotional content.
8. Attack your illegitimate attackers
Sometimes we simply have to fight illegal behavior. In 2009, Domino’s Pizza employees who posted disgusting videos of themselves playing with food were fired and arrested. Another example is people who post false information on the internet. Sometimes, if you don’t sue them, they might do it again.
9. Learn from your mistakes
The biggest example of this is AMD. The first company to work on the X64 was once the biggest company in the computing industry. However since 2012 Intel completely overtook the market with the release of their i3, i5 and i7 lineup for personal computers. This was largely due to the fact that AMD cooling solution was not up to par, however in 2017 they were able to release the new ryzen lineup which allowed them to get back in the market as a major player.
10. Ask for help if necessary
There are always people who are able to help if you are not able to understand the basics of the concept of online management. You should always ask such people for help.

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